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What is BOREDinDE?

BOREDinDE was created by Lindsey Epps-Tucker to showcase things in or around Delaware that I find to do, the name plays on what people say about Delaware “it’s boring, or slow”. Well, Delaware may not be a major city but it does have quite a bit to offer if you know where to go. This site is all about pushing back the myth that there’s nothing to do in Delaware.

How it came to be

Lindsey Epps-Tucker (Tucker from here on) is known for his photography and art of sarcasm, his Instagram posts of various drinks, food and nights out had followers asking how did you know about this event. Delaware although small doesn’t do a very good job of getting info out about local events and things to do. So Tucker decided to get back into blogging (been around since 97 before blogging was termed or cool to do) and share his nightly adventures with his readers.

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