A Great First Week

A great first week here at BoredInDE. The word about the site is getting out nicely, and my team and I are addressing the slight hiccups in a timely fashion. I also got a chance to attend three great shows this weekend.

Ladyy DeFined
Shot of Ladyy performing at Twisted Soul in Delaware

First off was Ladyy at Twisted Soul Restaurant and BarI wished I grabbed my seat at the front of the bar instead of playing cool and sitting in the back. It was kind of difficult to see the stage which prevented me from getting any cool video of Ladyy & her band. I was able to stay for a few songs but I had to hit another venue up as I had pre-purchased tickets to hear by brother Darnell sing.

My bro Darnell was opening up for Lili Anel at the Queen in Wilmington DE and I wasn’t trying to miss that gig. Darnell and his band was doing sound check when I showed up, and boy were they sounding good… and this was just sound check… I snapped a few flicks of Darnell at the table as he always gets on me about getting some ‘footage‘ while I’m at the shows since I’m kind of sort of their un-official/official documentor LOL. Performing some new tracks from his upcoming EP ‘Jesus & Jameson’ brought the house down. I did manage to capture a little video since I was head nodding during their whole performance.

[su_video url=”″ poster=”” title=”Darnell K Miller – Jesus & Jameson the EP” width=”460″ height=”260″]

Next up was a Sunday performance by the beautiful and talented Stacia LaChole at Ubon at the riverfront. Her and her band the Black Soul band, and they killed it. Man I think I’m going to need to bring a tripod to document these shows because the music is so damn good I forget to hit the record on my phone. I did manage to grab some Instagram footage of her drummer killing his solo of Michael Jackson’s Rock with You.


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