Juneteenth at Rodney Square

Juneteenth at Rodney Square was an awesome way to kick off the newly Federal holiday. The 1st annual Juneteenth at Rodney Square Festival was a good time had by all! The event featured performances by KRS-One, Take 6, Richard Raw and the Word Warrior Band, Nadjah Nicole, Twin Poets, Best Kept Soul and more! There were plenty of vendors on hand both good and food. I can’t front, it was kinda hot. And we all had a good time nonetheless.

Had to grab a selfie with the legendary KRS-ONE!

A few things I did learn being out there at this awesome festival.

  • Bring sunscreen as I rock a baldy
  • Grab a cooler and pack it with water and ice as the lines were long at the food trucks
  • Order a canopy for my chair
  • Although not a fan, wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt LOL
  • Take plenty of pics as time is short and valuable, need a keepsake for those memories.

If you didn’t get there you missed one heck of a show. Rain drizzle and all!

Take 6 at Juneteenth at Rodney Square
Richard Raw and KRS-1
Richard Raw at the BBQ
Best Kept Soul
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