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Ah the beloved Facebook tag,  we all love to see pictures of ourselves from whatever event or function we attended and the Facebook tag makes it easier to find those pictures.  But as with any good thing, there are always individuals that go overboard and really take a good thing and screw it up.

You got many people that have events or functions they want people to turn to so they tag everyone under the sun to their event regardless if they believe that the person will go. But the thing with Facebook tags is when someone most likely a novice business owner or event/party promoter uses tags to get the word out about their product or services all without paying Facebook to advertise.

In the early days of Facebook, this was a dream, one post tag a few dozen get the word out. Well, Facebook caught on to that quickly which is why we have algorithms for what shows up in your timeline. You can thank the party promoters for this LOL, but seriously tagging a few dozen people in your post does nothing for the viability of the post. It only annoys those who were tagged that have no interest in what you are peddling.

Facebook has made it that you need to pay them to get your event post seen, yet many still continue to tag a few dozen people in hopes that this is all that is needed to get their event info out. Basically, if you’re not paying for advertising in Facebook than making a post is a waste of time as less than 5-7% of your followers will see it. You’re better off using Facebook ads in relation to Instagram ads to at least better your chances of your post for the event to be seen. Facebook / Instagram ads can have a budget as low as $5.00 a day to as much as you can humanly afford.

But knowing how this ‘new’ business works many won’t invest anything they pretty much expect to make everything with no advertising budget. So the hopes of not being tagged on Facebook to an event or sale that I have no interest in really isn’t going to change. Not until Facebook starts to punish those who try to circumvent paying them to advertise on their platform.

In conclusion, I truly hope that people figure out that, one you will pay Facebook to have your content seen and two you’re not smarter than Facebook to avoid paying to have your content seen.

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Urban Superhero Tuck is an avid cartoon, horror, sci-fi and whiskey aficionado. Most likely to be found at pubs, speakeasies and live music venues. He's also known for his ninja-like skills when arriving/leaving events or gatherings as many can't say they saw him arrive/leave.

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