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Because the best memories usually involves drinks

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  • I'm often asked why I constantly post photos of my drinks on Instagram
Nomad Bar 905 N Orange St
Whiskey and Guinness at the Nomad

Yeah, I hang out at bars and I’m often asked why I constantly post photos of my drinks on Instagram well for one I really be drinking some cool ass drinks and some awesome bars. Not the usual Henny & Coke or Vodka & Cranberry. Plus it’s my thing, iDrink lol and I hang out in some cool ass bars. Nah but seriously since I’m always out and taking photos of my drinks more so than I would with food. I decided to share some of my favorite watering holes, taprooms, pubs and or speakeasies. Some may be in Delaware but many will be in the surrounding areas.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find spots where there’s either good food, good music and great people. And once I post a pic people always ask me where is that bar, or the more popular one… “how come you didn’t call me man”. It’s not personal I’m just very spontaneous when it comes to venturing out. At times I don’t even know where I’m going till I get there. Anywho I do plan to start posting more about the bars I hit and share their info with you so you two can come hang out and take pics of your drinks with me.

Heck, I’m even thinking about rating and sharing my views on some of the bars as I know everything isn’t for everyone. So if you haven’t already sign-up for my newsletter so when I update you’d be in the know and won’t have to ask me why I didn’t call. And maybe just maybe you’ll end up in one of my blog posts about hanging out at a few bars.

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Urban Superhero Tuck is an avid cartoon, horror, sci-fi and whiskey aficionado. Most likely to be found at pubs, speakeasies and live music venues. He's also known for his ninja-like skills when arriving/leaving events or gatherings as many can't say they saw him arrive/leave.


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