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I know I’m like crazy behind on this blog post but I just had to say I had such a great time working with one of the best bands in the area… Best Kept Soul. This session has been in the making for quite some time as both myself and Thomas were trying to hash out schedules as getting everyone together outside of a performance could prove difficult. 

After seeing Best Kept Soul perform multiple times around the tri-state area it was great having each member available for our session. To keep things simple we chose a white background as the images would be used for various ads, fliers and social media notifications. This was a great time for me to get back to basics and use a shoot/log sheet as with so many members we needed to be sure that we photographed each member multiple times and in multiple outfits. For the most part the shoot went really smooth which is not the norm with this many members but everyone had such positive and pleasant attitudes that having that many people to work with was a breeze.

First up we shot the actual band which I found that pretty much the Joe Shields (the drummer) is the comedian, Jerome Yancey (Bass Guitar) is laid back and very focused, John Icaro (Keyboard) is the family man and Thomas ‘Lamont’ McLean is Co-Founder, Lead Guitar & Musical Director. I also got to meet Facebook friends Jakira Howard-Myers (Administration & Vocals) and Ms. Anne’ Banks (Lead Vocals) face to face after being friends with them on the book for like ages. Also in attendance was Ladyy DeFined and Aziza Nailah who sing backup not just for Best Kept Soul but a few other local bands in the area.

If you haven’t seen them be sure to follow their Facebook page for show dates as they definitely put on a show you wouldn’t want to miss.

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