Clocks turned back and so did my energy levels

Story Highlights
  • Time to turn back the clocks
  • Finding motivation on dreary fall days
  • Instrumental Jazz is good focus music

I know I can’t be the only one who finds fall both beautiful, cold and lazy, as is I’m not trying to do anything but chill. Fall is beautiful and some days the weather is darn nice, but when you get fall and this rain ugh those make for the laziest of days.  Usually, I write these blogs out on my balcony as it’s so peaceful and quiet. But now it’s just dreary and chilly. Plus I never knew how loud the heater was until I’m forced to sit in the spot with nothing on but the heater.  Well, I did purchase these BEATS by Dre headphones for a reason, but sometimes I like to blog/write without music. Absolute quiet helps me get my point across and sometimes listing to music can influence my writing in a subliminal way.

The only way I find to avoid that is to play some jazz instrumentals right now my favorite has to be Norman Brown. I have a Spotify radio station set up for him and the joints that play on that station help me keep focus.  Another thing I have to be mindful of is not sitting around and eating up everything in the spot, or worse yet calling for delivery. Heaven knows I can better my saving habits and help curve my waistline from getting any bigger. I need to stop playing and finally purchase a hoodie so I can at least start going out in this dreary fall weather and take a long walk.

As walking in the fall is oh so beautiful and relaxing plus it’s much better than sitting around watching reruns or not finding the motivation to be productive. As there’s always something that needs to be done and when it’s dreary out I’m really not one for finding that motivation.

So what do YOU do during these dreary fall days? I’d sure love to know, so drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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