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Had a great meeting with my cohost Prina for the new  BoredinDE Podcast. We discussed future topics and guest. And we’re looking forward to speaking with the locals on what it’s like to live, work, and date here in Delaware. The BoredinDE Podcast will be unlike other podcasts in the area. We’re looking for the success stories, horror stories and everything in between.

The idea of doing a podcast wasn’t new for us here on BoredinDE, as we always wanted to share what is happening and what people are talking about here in DE. But I had to find the right cohost, one who wit matched my own (heck even surpass it) and someone who doesn’t get offended easily. So Prina was my first choice when searching for a cohost and I’m beyond excited she accepted and can’t wait to get started. And we will keep this a “no filter” broadcast so prepare for the unexpected.

The podcast will be available both as an audio and video podcast. So you can listen to us in your car or watch us, either way, I know you’ll thoroughly enjoy our BoredinDE Podcast. Along with my personality and Prina’s, you will be entertained and engaged as we both have that “no filter” issue when talking about subjects that we’re passionate about. So whether you’re a local Delawarian or not I’m positive you’ll get something from both myself and Prina’s discussions and interviews.

Also if you’re a Delaware native and wish to be featured on the podcast please contact us and tell us about why you’d love to be on the show.  As this podcast is for you brought to you by BoredinDE. If you haven’t already please join our newsletter to know when we update or when the next podcast is being broadcasted live. Also, we’re on Twitter and Instagram under @BoredinDE

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