Met My Shero at Best Buy

The day I was saved by a white woman.

What was supposed to be a routine trip to Best Buy ended up being an eye-opening experience, one that I will never ever forget. I went there to pick up a Rode mic for my on location vlogging. After being helped by the floor associate, we went over to the register to complete my purchase. There was a lady already there waiting to complete her purchase so I got in line behind her.

The sales person completed her purchase and then it was my turn. What happened next is the stuff movies are made of. He first asked me if I was a rewards member, which I was, so I brought up my trusty card carrying app on my phone (I hate having reward cards on my keys or in my wallet) he scanned it and then scanned the item. Then I pulled out my credit card and swiped it and proceeded to hand my card to him (something I was prepared to do as Best Buy always matches the numbers on the card to what shows on the screen). What happened next kind of threw me for a loop, he asked for my ID and as I was handing it to him the lady behind me flipped.

This older white lady was livid that the associate asked me for my ID, especially that he didn’t ask the lady before me for her’s and her total was well over $200. The lady goes on to say it’s sad that he was racial profiling me, as had I not been black he may never have even bothered to ask for my ID. She was ranting so loud that a floor manager came over and she gave him an earful as well.

The floor manager states it’s policy to ask for ID with all credit card purchases, so the lady said well he violated your policy as he didn’t ask the woman prior for hers. At that moment the floor manager asked if we wanted to file a complaint and I declined and the woman just stated that statistically speaking credit card fraud is most likely to be done by a non-black. Man both the associate and manager were just sitting there with the dumb-dumb look.

I grabbed my purchase, thanked the lady for taking up for me and left the store.

It was a great feeling having someone who may never encounter the volume of racism many blacks encounter on a daily basis, take up for one when it does.

She is my SHE-RO!

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